About Us

Shreyarth Foundation

Shreyarth Foundation has been set up with a view to promoting knowledge and to serving social causes and philanthropic activities. The trust aims to provide a forum to the youths for self-development and to quip them so as to enable them to meet the challenges posed by the ever-changing global scenario. The need for turning out finely honed personnel to man our institutions and organisations has been acutely felt and the trust envisages a meaningful role for itself to train people for the new millennium.

The Foundation also aims at imparting instructions in various Indian and foreign languages, arranging lectures and seminars, publishing books and literature for various disciplines to further enlarge the scope of education and establishing schools, colleges and other institutions for advancement of studies keeping in view the agenda set by the global community.


The Trust also seeks to take up social responsibilities and causes and render help, for a variety of humanitarian activities, to the needy and the disadvantaged groups and to those affected by natural calamities and thus contribute its mite to the alleviation of human suffering. At the same time the trust desires to extend support to them and also to set up centres to impart physical education and knowledge about physical fitness so as to achieve the unique union of mind and body, mental and physical health. Besides these activities, the TRUST will undertake activities and programmes which will lead to an enlightened society and citizenry and promote general weal.

Shree Shreyansbhai Shah and Smt. Smrutiben Shah are the trustees of this Foundation and both are visionaries of a sort. They are committed to the pursuit of excellence and have a vision of what constitutes excellence. Being trend setters in their sphere of operation, they will be the think-tank behind all the activities of the Foundation and a source of strength and sustenance. Shri Nirmam Shah, Shri Amam Shah and Ms. Aara Shah are also deeply interested in youth career development projects.