Annual Function

Name of the Event: Annual Function
Date: 07-05-2022
Description: The annual function of a university, also known as the university’s annual celebration, is a significant event that typically takes place once a year and serves various purposes within the academic community. Annual function includes Recognition of Activity, cultural performances, Alumni Reunion, Academic Symposium, Networking and Socializing, etc. University has organized its annual/cultural function at the H K Hall, Ahmedabad for its students. Students of all the branches have participated in various events like drama, dance, singing, etc.

B. Sc. Nursing Students presenting Group Dance

BBA students playing group dance

BCA Student playing Piano

B. Sc. Nursing student playing solo singing

Group of BBA and BCA students performing drama

B. Sc. Nursing students playing solo singing

B. Sc. Nursing students playing Ghumar

BBA Student playing group dance

BBA students playing classical dance

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