Integrated BBA- MBA (IMBA)

Eligibility Criteria, Fees & Duration

Eligibility Criteria

10 + 2 (Any Stream)


40,000/- for Year 1 to 3
70,000/- for Year 4 & 5


5 Years (10 Semesters)

Intake Capacity

60 Seats

Integrated BBA-MBA is a dual degree program in business management. Integrated BBA-MBA is a five-year full-time program that offers a degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) after the successful completion of three years and an MBA Degree after the successful completion of five years.

Integrated BBA-MBA is a professional program to equip students in different specializations like Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources, which help them in managing modern businesses, strategy formulation, Critical Thinking, and complex decision-making.

In the Integrated BBA-MBA program, students need to go for two Sumer Internships, where they will know how a business is operated and managed. Besides internships, there are group projects and presentations that will be carried out to make our students industry-ready. Integrated MBA also helps you develop strengths in research, data analysis, report writing, and presentation.

  • Those who are looking career in the Field of Marketing/Human Resources/ Finance/
    Business Management.
  • Work in Business Administration.
  • Work in the Banking and Financial sector.
  • Those who are keen to start a new venture or join their family business.
  1. Able to apply the concepts and fundamentals of Business Management into practice.
  2. Create the employability skills of management students with professional communication.
  3. Incorporate diversity and multicultural perspectives when making business decisions.
  4. Able to Identify the key issues facing a business or enterprise
  5. Develop good communication skills and personality.
  6. Able to analyze the business at different stages of business
  7. Able to do creative writing.
  8. Adopt various tools and techniques of management to analyze business situations and take decision.
  9. Able to solve complex business problems.
  10. Able to create its own business.
  11. Developed a good Human being/citizen for the country.

This Integrated MBA degree will help to shape your career in the field of Finance/ Marketing/ Human Resources/ Banking/ Event Management / etc

  • Finance: Assistant Manager, Deputy Manager, Manager, Research Analyst, etc.
  • Marketing: Sales Manager, Deputy Sales Manager, Market Analyst, etc.
  • Human Resources: Assistant Manager, Executive Recruiter, Employees Relations Manager etc.
  • Students can also join a family business or go for a Start-up.
  • Students can also go family business or Start-up, after successful completion of the Program.

Management Thoughts, Strategic Management, Advance Human Resource Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Design Thinking, Research Methodology, Advanced Data Analysis, Consumer Behavior, Brand Management, Market Analytics, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, International Business, Business Statistics, Business Analytics, International Banking and Finance, Derivatives and Risk Management, Valuation of Firms, etc.

Course Curriculum

Semester 1
Semester 1


  1. Introduction to Management Thought
  2. Business English
  3. Principles of Micro Economics
  4. Financial Accounting
  5. Business Mathematics
  6. Fundamentals of IT in Business
  7. Enrichment Course 1 – Presentation Skills
  8. Enrichment Course 2 Yoga & Fitness
Semester 2
Semester 2


  1. Business Environment
  2. Business Communication
  3. Principles of Macro Economics
  4. Indian Financial System
  5. Basics of Statistics
  6. Organizational Behaviour
  7. Environmental Studies
  8. Enrichment Course 3 – Social Etiquette
  9. Enrichment Course 4 – Theatre and Films
Semester 3
Semester 3


  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Essentials of Marketing Management
  3. Cost Accounting
  4. Business Statistics
  5. Financial Management
  6. Disaster Management
  7. Enrichment Course 5 – Creativity
  8. Enrichment Course 6 – Working with Excel
Semester 4
Semester 4


  1. Ethics and Values
  2. Legal Aspects of Business
  3. Management Accounting
  4. Research Methods for Business
  5. Introduction to Banking and Insurance
  6. Indian Constitution
  7. Enrichment Course 7 - Industry Analysis
  8. Enrichment Course 8 - Report Writing
Semester 5
Semester 5


  1. Summer Internship
  2. Introduction to Strategic Management
  3. Entrepreneurship & Start Up
  4. Introduction to Taxation
  5. Production and Operation Management
  6. Specialization Elective (Any One)
  7. Enrichment Course 9 - Data Analysis and application of Statistical Package
  8. Enrichment Course 10 – Personality Development & Interview Skills
Semester 6
Semester 6


  1. Fundamentals of International Business
  2. Production and Operation Management
  3. FinTech
  4. Dissertation Project
  5. Specialization Elective (Any one)
  6. Enrichment Course 11 –Aptitude and Logical Reasoning Skills
  7. Enrichment Course 12 – Journalism
Semester 7
Semester 7


  1. Advance Human Resource Management
  2. Advance Marketing Management
  3. Advance Financial Management
  4. Financial Statement Analysis
  5. International Business
  6. Research Methodology
  7. Written Communication and Analysis-I
  8. Enrichment Course 13 - Design Thinking


Semester 8
Semester 8


  1. Strategic Management
  2. Internal Customer Satisfaction
  3. Advanced Data Analysis
  4. Written Communication and Analysis-II
  5. 6. 7. Specialization Elective (Any Three)
Semester 9
Semester 9


  1. Business Ethics and CSR
  2. Contemporary Issues in Management
  3. New Enterprise and Innovation Management
  4. Business Analytics
  5. Dissertation I
  6. 7. 8. Specialization Elective (Any Three)
Semester 10
Semester 10


  1. Management Control System
  2. Management Information System
  3. Capstone
  4. Dissertation II
  5. 6. 7. Specialization Elective (Any Three)
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