Curricular Activities

Name of the Event: Codemarathone and Treasure hunt
Date: 14-05-2022
Description: A “Code Marathon” is a term often used to describe an event or
competition where participants engage in continuous coding sessions for an extended period, typically ranging from several hours to a couple of days. The goal is for participants to solve as many coding challenges or problems as possible within the given timeframe. A treasure hunt is a recreational activity where participants follow a series of clues or puzzles to find a hidden “treasure” or prize. It can be organized as a standalone event or incorporated into other activities such as parties, team-building exercises, or outdoor adventures. BBA and BCA students organized and participated in Codemarathone event and Treasure hunt event.

Prof. Neeraj Yajnik, Provost appreciating the winner of the event

Students playing the Treasure hunt

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